Hey it’s Vincent again! Today I thought I’d share my experience with getting a healthy whiter smile. I’m sure keeping our teeth healthy is a very important thing for all of us, but I have a feeling people don’t put much thought into it. I know I wasn’t thinking much about my teeth  when I was smoking and drinking lots of coffee, until one day I took a look in the mirror and realized that the condition of my teeth wasn’t the best… To be honest, my teeth were yellow. And when I say yellow, I mean YELLOW, I hated the feeling of seeing others around me with whiter teeth than me, I thought “what the heck are they doing that i’m not? These people have just as bad habits as I do and yet they still have whiter teeth!?”. To make matters worse my dentist told me that I had to repair my teeth, which was expensive.. Five teeth were repaired and I paid around $400. Yes, I was pretty upset with myself.

After this incident, I decided to search around on the internet for ways to get a brighter whiter smile. After hours and hours of searching and sorting through all the repetitive garbage we’ve all heard a million times, I finally came across a book called “Teeth Whitening 4 You“. I thought the name of this book sounded “cheesy” I decided however, to hang around to see what “Teeth Whitening 4 You” had to offer. After reading and soaking in the information they presented I figured I’d give it a shot and if it didn’t work, well then it’s just 1 more thing to scratch off my list, so I downloaded it. And I have to say, the results are awesome!

before and after, so far so good!

before and after


The Book “Teeth Whitening 4 You” is written by Lucy Bennett. In her book it shows how to whiten your teeth and keep them healthy.Lucy Bennett has a lot of experience with teeth whitening because she was a member of the dental community of the United States. The best thing about her is that she’s sharing her personal methods to whiten your teeth using nothing but household products we all have!

“Teeth Whitening 4 You” features

Maintaining good oral hygiene in our lives is very important. It’s important for everyone, especially our children, and because of this there are a lot of companies who are out to get your hard earned money by selling products that don’t work or are just plain crap!

Let’s take a look at what “Teeth Whitening 4 You” offers:

  • Five most used commercial whitening treatments that don‘t work.
  • Simple things and remedies that you can find at home and say NO to discoloration.
  • This is the best one in my opinion: schedule to whiten your teeth in a natural way! It‘s a 7 day process. I followed this schedule for 1 month and saw fantastic results. 🙂
    A thing in your kitchen that will whiten your teeth and help you to improve general health. I was very impressed.
  • Knowledge that will prevent discoloration.
  • step-by-step guides that will help you get the best results.

My experience with it

This book contains unique information, I was glad to find some new methods I haven’t heard of before that actually worked. After reading “Teeth Whitening 4 You” I followed their 7 day schedule for 1 month and man, I’m a happy camper now! Yes, yes, after 1 month I’ll admit I started to get lazy and didn’t follow the schedule as strictly as I was in the beginning but the results kept coming in, that’s when I knew I had finally found something that works and works well!, especially when combined with other methods.  I am absolutely in love with this book, because almost all the various methods mentioned to whiten my teeth are products found in my own home or my local pharmacy, it’s just too easy!

Here’s a before and after pic of another successful individual, I’m well on my way to achieving these results so long I stick to the books routine and methods


Pros and cons of this book:


  • This book is based on natural products, so no health risk to you or me!
  • It has guides that help save time and money.
  • It has no side effects like shrinking gums, sensitive teeth (painful thing..).
  • The results are long lasting
  • It‘s written by a dentist…


  • The steps involved are simple so it can get a little tedious and you might forget a step (be careful!)
  • Be patient. I saw results after about 3 weeks but takes even more time to see the max results, this program needs time to work, you have to follow the treatment without skipping any of the steps involved.
  • It‘s only digital.

A bonus that I received after purchasing the book

After I purchased the e-book it came with some extra goodies! I got “Dental Care and Hygiene 4 You“ It contains some useful information about some of our dental problems, and brushing techniques. It even helps you in choosing the right dentist. I also received “Bad Breath No Longer“ . It‘s a pretty straight forward e-book all about bad breath and how to get rid of it.

My conclusion:

I am extremely pleased with this book. My dental health is now 100 times better than before and my teeth are a lot whiter. The best thing is, I don‘t have to go to the doctor and pay lots of money to get my teeth whitened and repaired. I highly recommend this book if your looking to become a better version of yourself with a brighter smile, below you can see the score I gave it, if your ready to give it a try you can visit the official page by clicking here: “Teeth Whitening 4 You

Teeth Whitening 4 You

Teeth Whitening 4 You



lasting solution





  • Unique Information
  • almost immediate results
  • safe


  • Honestly can't think of one