Hey there, it’s Vincent again. This time I bring you a review of a product you’ve all been dying to know about, so here it is.

My Adonis Golden Ratio review workout system by Kyle Leon

(My results after only a few months, Not bad huh?)

Adonis Golden Ratio Review

I know there are a lot of reviews out there of this product, but I hope I can give you a much better understanding and feel for the program before you commit to it.

Anyways here’s my story. During high school I was a really skinny guy with almost no muscle at all. I though my genetics sucked and so I blamed them for my pathetic physique! It really angered me that I couldn’t be that big jock type muscular guy whom everyone respected. I decided that things had to change and I figured “if all these big muscle heads could achieve these awesome muscular bodies, why couldn’t I?” I realized that this change had to start with me and hard work and dedication, and so I proceeded to begin lifting weights and working out, this was around my first year in college. As a result of lifting weights I also began eating a lot, I figured “if I want to get big I gotta eat big” wrong! The only thing that happened was I packed on fat and that covered my muscle. It got discouraging after many months of working out and training, only to check my progress pics and see the same old me. I thought “what could the problem be!?” After doing some searching on the net to find out what the problem could be I came across a system that looked promising the Adonis Golden Ratio.

(My friend Bryan got some amazing results after I introduced him to the program, this is what happens with hard work and consistency!)

Bryan- adonis golden ratio review


After reading an Adonis Golden Ratio review I found online I went to the site and watched the really cheesy video intro on their home page, and I thought this was just going to be another lame product that doesn’t work. However, I decided to stick around and see what they had to offer out of desperation for finding the answers to achieving my dream body. After getting more info I figured “what the heck, it was worth a shot” and decided to purchase the program. Going through the program I instantly saw just how organized it was and how it had great routines for consistency, I immediately thought that this was going to be the start of a great journey to a new me. Indeed the program delivered, And you want to know something? … it didn’t require me to get any costly supplements like a lot of other products out there make you do. However, in all fairness the system does recommend some supplements but these are optional.

I’ve you have heard or read anything about the Adonis Golden Ratio system before, by searching for “Adonis Golden Ratio Review” you probably leave asking more questions than are answered. I’ve read some myself and found that many of the people writing them don’t know much about the program because they never actually tried it. I’ll do my best to clear up any doubts you might have. Hopefully after reading this you’ll have a much better understanding of the system. Ok here it goes

Adonis Golden Ratio review and explanation?

The Adonis Golden Ratio system was engineered by John Barban (he has a master’s in human biology and nutrition) It’s a 12 week workout program designed to add muscle and lose fat in the shortest amount of time possible. It focuses on achieving the most aesthetic and appealing physique for your body type regardless of where you stand now.

adonis golden ratio review

This is what drew my attention to the program as I’ve never tried this approach before. I noticed how people obsess over how a certain body part looks and they work specifically on that muscle until it looks strange and out of proportion. Here’s what I mean, instead of having big arms and a tiny chest, the workouts made sure that I was balanced and proportionally fit (No worries about one arm being bigger than the other).  Your legs, chest, arms, back, and abs will all be in proportion with each other, resulting in a much more desirable and appealing physique.

Don’t worry whether your skinny or fat, the program will take into account your starting proportion regardless of how you look now, it doesn’t leave anyone out. The ultimate goal of the system is to get you your “dream body” (the one we all picture ourselves as) they refer to this as the “natural Adonis Ratio”, something we all have, but it just needs to be revealed. When I got the program I immediately had access to customized exercises and a nutrition plan designed specifically for my physique according to the “Adonis Index”. Ok listen up because here’s where it gets really awesome! Your probably wondering how it gave me the custom exercises and nutrition plan, well it’s done with a tool called the Adonis Golden Ratio calculator that was included in the program where you input all of your body measurements. It’s really easy to use, I just entered my body measurements into the tool, and bam! It spit out all the exercises and nutrients customized specifically for my body type to achieve my “Adonis Ratio”. I fell in love with this tool the second I used it. I knew that with this tool I no longer had to go at it alone, I wish someone would’ve told me about this when I was first starting out. For more info click here I noticed that when searching for an Adonis Golden Ratio Review many failed to mention this neat calculator.

(Here’s the Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator. I can’t believe I went so long without it)

adonis golden ratio calculator



  • Works for both beginners and those who are more advanced (I’ve had 8 friends try this program ranging from skinny guys to fatter guys and all of them but 1 were extremely satisfied with the results, and you could definitely see the progress they made)
  • Customized for your specific body
  • Makes sure you develop proportionally
  • Focuses on gaining muscle and burning fat (does this amazingly well, as noted by my buddy Bryan!)
  • It’s easy to get started (you really only need a pair of dumbbells but a lot of the workouts don’t require much equipment)
  • 60 days risk free refund period


  • The program says to avoid dead lifts which I disagree with because it’s a great compound movement
  • He claims that an excess of protein can actually hurt your goals, again I disagree (unless it’s an unrealistic amount). I’d rather have a little extra protein in my body than not have enough. All in all the program does help you with your protein intake.

Adonis Golden Ratio Review Conclusion

After struggling to get results and a routine that worked for me the Adonis Golden Ratio truly delivered. I still remember watching that cheesy video all that time ago thinking it wasn’t going to work, I can’t imagine how I would look right now if I didn’t take the plunge and try it, I may very well still be that skinny kid. It’s one of the few products I’ve tried that truly does what it says it will do,burn fat and build muscle. Getting this program has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made which is why I give it a massive 9.6/10 I don’t feel lost when working out anymore. Hopefully my Adonis Golden Ratio Review has helped you out! Visit the official site by clicking here

Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio



User Friendly





  • ideal for both beginners and more advanced lifters.
  • personalized for your exact body
  • focuses on attaining lean muscle without fat gain
  • focuses on achieving proportions that will turn heads
  • easy to get started


  • Honestly none that are too serious